Advocating for my Wounded Warrior

VA APPEAL UPDATE November 7, 2018:

we moved to Arizona from Florida. Told the FL VA our new address and to have our appeal moved. They failed – no surprise. What was a surprise was that when the FL VA called with an appeal appointment date and we told them again we moved we had an appointment scheduled within 6 months here in AZ.

And today’s the day.

TheHubs had a hearing with the appeal board judge today. We thought it was a video teleconference but they flew him out from DC. There is no decision today. The law prevents that. Plus, we found out that they had zero VA records after May 2014. Wtf! So we wait another probably 6-9 months for them to get those records and maybe even more c&p exams. It was hard for him today to talk about it all but it was necessary. I don’t want to get my hopes up but the judge seemed to be really understanding and trying to find ways to help. Maybe he is just looking at all the options to consider. We shall see. Fingers remained crossed. Prayers still going up.

I'm very interested in what you have to say. Do you have similar circumstances, feelings, or just want to encourage me to keep going? Please leave a note to let me know.

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