Advocating For My Wounded Warrior (Part 2)

We recently completed our annual eye exam. (You can read more about that here.)

We had to spend about $600 on TheHub’s glasses. His eyesight is increasingly bad. Every year he needs a new prescription. And glasses aren’t cheap. And since he’s become photosensitive, we decided to get him a pair of prescription sunglasses. So that tacked on to the price tag. Luckily, we used his old frames for that. I was hoping that would help him get out of the house more. But they aren’t as dark as we were hoping, nor are they as strong as he needs.

So, I’ve been trying to think of something he can do so he’s not stuck in the house all the time, something he can be passionate about again. And I posted the dilemma I have to one of my caregiver groups I’m in. I was blessed to have found it because the lady who runs it, her husband also suffers from migraines. She pointed me to the VA for their VIST program (Visual Impairment Support Team. Her husband goes through them and they have given him two pair of special glasses, one for inside and one for out.

During my research on this, I found that in our location it is called the VICTORS (Visual Impairment Center to Optimize Remaining Sight). I called them yesterday morning and they said they don’t normally see migraine patients, but they put in a referral for TheHubs to be evaluated by this program.

He now has an appointment for the end of September. I do hope this works for him, better than what we can get on the civilian market with our limited pocket-money. And allows him to get out of the house better, and more often.

Wish us luck.


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7 thoughts on “Advocating For My Wounded Warrior (Part 2)

  1. lexacain

    That was very smart of you to ask around and find others to help you. Things always go better when one isn’t afraid to ask for help. Wishing you lots and lots of luck with the appointment. Have a nice weekend!


  2. Shonda

    So happy that I could help and can’t wait to follow along and see how it goes. It’s the same as anything through the VA, you have to push and fight for what you know is right. They have these options and these programs but they often aren’t discussed or utilized. So glad that I was able to hopefully point you in the right direction!


  3. kentuckygal50

    I thank God there are programs out there to help our wounded veterans and people to staff them who care deeply.

    I see your “Hearts of Valor” button in the right sidebar and that reminded me of the “Quilts of Valor” organization. They provide patriotically themed quilts for veterans. From what I can see, the quilts are high-quality and made by people with a heart for our soldiers, past and present. Just a thought.

    May God bless you, your veteran and your family. *hugs*


    1. LadyJai Post author

      Thank you, Kentuckygal. I only wish we had found out about this years ago. And it’s sad that it took another caregiver to mention it to me, rather than the VA.
      I will definitely check out Quilts of Valor. I made a quilt about 10 years ago I donated to the Freedom Foundation so they could auction it off. That was a wonderful cause. I wish I had the time to do this again! Maybe one day!



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