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Spring & Gardening, Slowly – #CelebrateTheSmallThings – 10 April 2015

Spring has been in full swing here for at least a month. Allergies notwithstanding. But it’s still my favorite time of year. I love seeing the life and color come from the muted tones of the earth. It is promise being fulfilled. A time when life springs from death. Color pops through the dull. Hope shines through the dreary. And I get to witness it’s rebirth!

I cannot go out in the flower bed and work as much as I like anymore. I don’t have the help of TheHubs because of his photo-phobia, pain, and fear levels. So, I’ve been taking it slow. I need to weed. I need to trim. And I need to clean up after all that’s done. It’s a real struggle when I am the one who does it all. I work full-time and come home to everything that involves running a family and the home. And then, there’s fibromyalgia. It puts a HUGE damper on what I can do and for how long.

I managed to take my time this year. I trimmed 4 lantanas one day, 5 the next. And so on, until they were done. I even made TheBoy come out and help me with the cleanup. I’ve never required this of him before. For me, it’s a struggle to ask for help. Always has been. I learned this a few years ago when a co-worker pointed it out to me about how I work. Now I can see it in the home as well. And since TheBoy is old enough to help out now, it should be a responsibility for him. It’s still hard to ask him, though. I managed, and for that I am proud of myself.

He did it. It took him a few days but he cleaned my mess up. Complaining all the way. But, he’s 12. I thank him every time he’s done, though. To make sure he gets the praise and sense of accomplishment. I also make sure to tell him that it really helps me out because I can’t do it all by myself anymore.

He seems to be choosing the wrong words now, which frustrates me. I am doing my best not to get upset with him when he says, “So is fibromyalgia going to be your excuse for everything, now?” He’s still a boy. He’s young. I am trying to show him better words to use because that really hurts me. I hope he can see that. And I hope he realizes it and LEARNS from it. Because mine is a new diagnosis. But with his father, does he think that the pain is always an “excuse”?

Raising a child is trying enough; but raising one in the home of a disabled veteran, well, we have even more trials to deal with.

Regardless, I’ve got him out there helping me clean up the mess. He always has enjoyed helping me trim my roses. It’s the cleanup part that he is complaining about now. I still have a little bit of trimming and weeding to do around my roses. Plus I ordered a couple more plants to add to the flower bed. But I’ve got my lantanas looking nice, with room to grow, and my roses about to bloom.

I hope you enjoy Spring and the promise of hope it brings, as much as I do. Enjoy my Spring pictures 🙂

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What are you celebrating this week? 

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