VA Appeal Update #4

I guess it’s about time to update you on our VA Claim/Appeal process. Last time I wrote about the VA Scandal and where it got us. I was so excited to see that Washington actually took our story and made movement on it. My veteran was getting all kinds of calls for a week or so and each time they told him that they couldn’t do anything until such-and-such department made their decision.

Well, I guess that department made their decision because we got a letter from the Director of the C&P office. Here’s what they said:

We received your letter regarding your Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam
with <EXAM DOCTOR>. <CHIEF OF C&P DOCTOR>, Chief of C&P, reviewed the letter
received, the C&P exam notes from <EXAM DOCTOR>, and met with the examiner to get their
<EXAM DOCTOR>’s professional opinion is based on objective evidence and a
thorough review of available resources, to include: service treatment records,
electronic medical records, Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs), and Veteran’s
statements. The diagnosis was reached through a forensic disability psychological
exam. This is standard practice across all Compensation & Pension services within
VHA.  reviewed the examination notes and supports ‘s
rationale behind her professional opinion. <CHIEF OF C&P DOCTOR> mentioned that during his call
with you on December 3, 2014, your concerns were discussed and you indicated you
were currently going through the appeals process with VBA.
We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have been caused.

If you have been following our Appeal Updates, you might remember that the C&P examiner only saw my veteran for no more than ten minutes and rushed him out, saying his memory is fine if he can remember all the meds he takes every day for the last 7 years and that his nightmares are nothing more than “gobbledygook”. How is gobbledygook “objective evidence?” 

Why do they continue to only focused on the PTSD portion of his claim? He’s been told he missed the PTSD qualifications by 2 points. Ok, fine. He doesn’t qualify for PTSD. BUT, the VA found, during that C&P exam that there is evidence of depression and mood disorder and his VSO clearly defined the precedence in his NOTICE OF DISAGREEMENT SUBMITTED ON 7/8/2011.

July 8th, 2011!

That was 2 and a half YEARS ago! And they STILL ignore it.

I also applied for the VA Caregiver Support Program in May of last year. Some caregivers told me it took them a month, while others told me it took them a year. I’ve given it a while now, somewhere in the middle, and decided to check up on my request. After many calls to many different people, we found that the national office had attached it to my file but never emailed the Caregiver Support Coordinator. When she found it, she apologized profusely and said she’d do what she can to get this pushed through as fast as she could. A few days later, we had our eligibility appointment. I just received a call from the VA Caregiver Support Coordinator telling me that we qualify based on his mental health. However, there is no record that it’s service connected. I proceeded to explain to her that it’s still in the claims/appeals process that we’ve been fighting for years over. She informed me that if/when we receive that service connection, to contact her and she will get this pushed through again.

This is just our luck. What a kick in the teeth.

So now the scramble again, to get this ball rolling. I’ve contacted Rep. Ted Yoho again with a second letter. We’ll see how that goes. And TheHubs is trying to contact his VSO about this. Since he’s always so busy, he had to leave a message.

And the waiting game continues.


3 thoughts on “VA Appeal Update #4

  1. Terrance Mccune

    Hey I’m Terry , 8 years Navy 4 year’s navy reserve 4 years army national guard after 9/11 2 years active duty army. Gunner convoy security 2009-2010.

    I have been formally diagnosed 100%ptsd 30% spinal degenerative, 10% shoulder , agoraphobic etc.. I was doing ok until my diagnoses . The medication game, the irs tax levy for not turning in my long underwear when I returned to my unit and TA 50 turn in. The you missed a appointment drop your disability compensation in half . The care giver stipend switch aroo (dropping my adl scores from what my primary care giver diagnosed me with just enough to put my care giver at the least tear level). This was done by a social worker not even a nurse just a bitch

    . So far I’ve with the help of a lawyer and a ton of leg work tracking down records from every hospital( over 10 in 3 different states not including VA hospitals.) I have received a permanent 100% rating . Kicked out of the care giver program all together . Payed my tax levy but but my credit is still severely effected 150 drop.
    2 suicide attempts homeless 3 of the last 6 years . Court and jail time for sluiced attempts. Case dismissed charges dropped . After 2 years of fighting that.

    Wow thanks for letting me vent I haven’t thought of the whole picture for awhile.

    The only reason I’m not completely destitute or dead has nothing to do with the VA . Only my lawyer Violete Roman veterans law group out of California.

    She has been 100% on top of the VA bull crap as fast as she is allowed and put up with me terrorizing her with distrust for the first year .

    I Truly believe at this point after reading care giver and veteran VA laws reading every thing I can find on VA Appeals process . Being inpatient 2 of the last 6 years . Trying to put my credit back together. So I can own a home. Renting a place I can afford on my disability money is always way away from any VA hospital . Some were around a 100 miles from the city usually I will be 50 this year I’ve been fighting this never ending buerocratic bull shit since 2010. I’m going to win back my care giver award fix my credit and get the fuck so far from the VA South America Central America . I don’t have nightmares of Iraq any more I have night mares of va doctors and social workers. .


  2. patiencehcmason

    A ten minute exam is inadequate for compensation purposes by VA standards, and the examiner was doing it as fast as she could so she could make more money doing more of them in a day. She has no idea what PTSD is. How does it affect memory? Not even in the criteria. And nightmares are.

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