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The Roller Coaster – #CelebrateTheSmallThings – 30 Jan 2015

Some weeks, days, hours, breaths are harder than others to find even the smallest of positives. This has been my challenge this week. What one thing stuck out to me? Here, walk with me as I tell you about the roller coaster ride that was my week.

1. I was scrolling through #OperationBeautiful on Instagram and found this: Seeing people enjoying my notes, sharing the smiles, makes my heart happy.

This is one of my notes I stuck up in some random place around town. If you click the picture, you can see that what I set out to do, worked! Sharing love and smiles and turning a bad day around for some stranger! I love it!

2. TheHubs has been suffering incredible pain, more than normal lately. I’ve not been big grocery shopping in a while and went alone. Came home and I must have overdone it since I was in so much pain (fibro flair I guess) I couldn’t move, or sleep.

3. While helping a friend through some confusion with her VA pay, I logged on to eBenefits to just check it out. I hadn’t done that in a while. When I went to TheHubs’ claims, it said there was no open claims. Ok, so then I checked on his appeal, and it said there was a decision in August 2014 and nothing after that. I’m so confused. Still. We’ve submitted our request for further action and with our letter stating that they have a legal obligation they have yet to address and that they have failed TheHubs. But nothing is showing up in the eBenefits site. That pushed my anxious button.

4. TheHubs is in a bad place, pain wise these last few weeks. It seems to be getting worse. He’s not sleeping again. I’ve had to be late to work to take TheBoy to school three times this week.

5. Won a dress from HolyClothing.Com! I’ve never ordered anything but I’ve been eyeing a Renaissance dress for a while. I’ve emailed them the required info for winning, but have not heard anything back yet.

6. TheRents had a computer problem and brought their machine over for tech support, since we had to cancel going over to their house due to the amount of pain TheHubs was in. We thought we fixed it but then got a call when TheDad got back home saying it was still doing the same thing. We had to do more research. The next day, though, TheDad called us up and said he fixed it! YAY! TheDad will be a techie yet! Not really, but I can dream! 😀

7. December 2013 I found the VA Caregiver Program and took their Caring for the Caregiver class. That was my life saver. That was when I found out that I was NOT ALONE! That there were people who understood what I had been going through, feeling, and trying to make sense of for the last 15 years. There were many ladies who encouraged me to apply for the program, but at that time I felt there were so many people out there who could use it more than me. So I waited. I finally realized that I live my life and no one else. My struggles are real, even if they may be different from others. I decided to apply and sent my application in to the program in May 2014. I had not heard anything from them in months. I kept asking people, especially here in Florida, how long it normally took. Some said a few weeks, some said a year.  I guess I was so used to the “Hurry up and wait” mentality that I just took the time I’ve been waiting as “normal.” This week, I decided to check on the status. And, per usual, I got the run around. Three different phone numbers. I’ve gotten used to the run around dealing with the government; but it’s still frustrating. We finally figured out what was wrong. The main office in Georgia had received my application back in May 2014. They then attached it to my file. However, apparently they were supposed to send my Caregiver Support Coordinator an email as well, but she never received it. She was apologizing all over herself and she said she would try to push this through as quick as possible. In my head that meant nothing to me. Anyway, I got a call from the pre-screener this week who asked me a whole slew of questions about what I did for TheHubs on a daily basis. I tried to remember everything, but I’m pretty sure I failed that. It doesn’t matter though, she said she was seeing if what I said qualified me to go on further in the process. The rest of the week I’ve been making a list as to what all I do for TheHubs and the house so I can take it with me to the next set of appointments. I now have my first appointment for Tuesday of next week. That has had me in a panic, too. I fear I will forget something.

8. Still trying to get a lawyer for TheHubs’ claim. Still trying to figure out how to make the VA do their job and do right by TheHubs. Still trying. Some days I get deflated. Some days I start daydreaming and find hope again. Then I remember that usually jinxed things. So yeah, this has been a roller coaster week for sure.

9. Had my therapy appointment again. Both TheHubs and I have taken the personality test to see what we were and to better understand our “differences.” While we can’t change entirely, we can see why we act the way we do. We’ve been communicating more, and I like that. I’m not AS afraid to speak about my negative emotions. I’m learning that it doesn’t make me a BAD person, just a person. It’s still difficult because I want to keep the peace. I am an ISFJ where TheHubs is an INTJ. We have two items in common, which means we generally agree on things in those two areas, the other two butt heads. While I jump head first into a problem and want to solve it, he takes a step back to assess all possible outcomes before he tackles it. While I need all the facts and step-by-step instructions to take on something, he looks at the overall picture and can see all possible outcomes. I take baby steps while he takes giant leaps. Because I need this detailed structure, I cannot, nor do I feel comfortable skipping steps. This does give us a better understanding about ourselves. But I think we’ve come a long way together. I mean, 25 years together, we kind of figured out what works. However, it is ME who needs to realize a lot of things and I am trying. This should make things even better! But realizing these things at first, is very hard to swallow. I must take it all in and think it over (much like this post has gone) before I can come to an understanding of myself and how I should tackle things.

10. Signed us all up for another Color Run. So excited for this one. It is called the NeonVibe 5k. This one is at night. Under black lights. With glow powder! I’m hoping this one will be better for TheHubs since it’s at night and he has photophobia. This SHOULD be better for that and hopefully won’t trigger a migraine. TheBoy’s BFF is going to do it again with us. TheMom is still a maybe. I’d love to have more join us, but we just don’t have a lot of “in-real-life-friends.” All my friends live on the internet.

11. TheBoy finished his science fair project. A day early. Without me having to probe him. YAY!


TheBoy working on his backboard to complete his science fair project.

Best. Science Project. Ever!

Best. Science Project. Ever!
(This is NOT TheBoy’s but appropriate!)


12. I saved my favorite “I Am…” challenge post for last. Here’s what I posted:

This is me. The older I get the less I seem to care what people think of me, or so I thought. It wasn’t until recently, when I started my healing path last year, did I realize I still worry what people think, especially how I saw myself. I started on a new quest, a quest to change how I see myself and how I think. I am making a point to see myself through a more positive vision and speak of myself, others, and the world with more positive word choices. I am genuine, loyal, kind, empathetic, caring, and loving – always have been. Before, though, I thought I did it to a fault. My heart is so full that when I didn’t receive what I sent out, it broke my heart to pieces, making me think that no one loved or appreciated me or my giving qualities. In turn, it made me think I was such an awful person. I’ve come to realize my loving nature is who I am. Not everyone will like that, and that’s ok. If I can impress on them some goodness, maybe one day they will change. And we need more love and kindness in the world. No matter how many people cannot see me for me and treasure the love I send out to them, I will continue to love, not only everyone around me, but ME

So there you have it. My roller coaster week. Much pain. Much panic/anxiety. Much hopes and fears. But I’m still here. I’m still kicking. I’ve made it through another week, another day, another hour, another breath. Happy Friday to you all!

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I Am Honored – #CelebrateTheSmallThings – 23 Jan 2015

It’s Friday! That means it’s time to Celebrate The Small Things.
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Tuesday,  I received a package in the mail from a wonderful friend and author, Merry Farmer. If you haven’t heard of her, please check out her work. I don’t normally read Romance, but will from time to time. I met her on Twitter when I wrote about my experiences with Indie authors on my writing blog. I had such bad experiences and I was very leery about reading more Indie authors because of those experiences. She WANTED me to read her book and give her an honest review, even if it was bad. She was so confident in her writing that she believed I would like it. And I did. Wonderfully professional with no editing issues I remember, the story was engaging, and her characters were deep. Since then, we’ve forged a friendship. I’ve recommended her books to anyone I thought would like her style and anyone who would listen. I believe word of mouth is the best promotional vehicle for anything. We have so many people out there who will troll and write bad things just because they can; but how many people will support those things they find good? I am trying to be the positive voice in the ocean of negative. And I really do love her words.

The package was sort of a surprise since she asked me for my address last week. I opened it up and saw that she signed the book. I love, love, love author autographs! I read her message to me and read her card, all the while sniffing the pages of the book.



I seriously cried when I found it. And I was just so thrilled I got a signed book from her that I didn’t see it right away! The book is dedicated to ME!! ME!! OMG! I can’t believe it. “To LadyJai – who has supported me from the beginning and who knows the scars that war can bring.” 

I am so very honored and blessed. I am also so very happy to hear how much I’ve touched someone. I don’t get this as often as I would like, or need.

We need more of this in the world.

So, today, I ask you to take the time to tell someone that they matter to you. We don’t do this nearly enough in our lives. I want to make this a habit in mine. I’m telling you all today, each and every one of you matter to me. I love you all!


Back In The Habit – #CelebrateTheSmallThings – 16 Jan 2015

Today is Friday! That means it’s time to Celebrate The Small Things.
We have a new sponsor for this blog hop so please be sure to stop by Lexa Cain’s website and re-input your link to participate. The old linky address will be retired soon.

So, what am I celebrating this week?

1) This week started a mirror/selfie challenge with my online caregiver support group. On Jan. 12, each day for 2 weeks we are to write “I am ____” with dry erase on the mirror. Fill in the blank with anything positive & snap a picture. Or we could  just snap a selfie & add text! We will be uploading them to the Trench Talk Facebook page and of course our own social medias!” I have done this for 5 days straight now. I love doing this as it helps eliminate the negative self-talk. Here’s what I have so far:


2) I’m learning to heal. I’ve had 2 sessions with my therapist and am really liking him. I am learning a lot about myself, and his affirmation that I am not a bad person I hope sinks in and sticks! I don’t think I am a bad person. But when things don’t go the way I intend them to, my brain has a tendency to pop up those auto-thoughts and then the negative voice starts screaming at me again. A few days ago I wrote about chewing the cud and how it can be detrimental to the emotional state, how it can feed the negativity and depression. I really, REALLY, need to get out of this habit.

3) Having a near all night conversation with TheHubs about what’s going on inside both our brains. While it may not seem to be a good thing because I always end up crying and feeling down and then the cud comes back up, in the long run we aren’t both imagining the worst when it comes to particular things that we “think” the other is doing/thinking. Those auto-thoughts are never going to go away, but you can try to stop them in their path. The greatest thing you can use against them is communication.


Chewing The Cud

Chewing Cud

I’ve been a relatively positive person most of my life. I try to see the best in everyone, find positives when others lose hope, care for others when they are down. But there have been times in my life when I needed a little help of my own. I’m not one to ask for help. I always want others to notice that I need it and then offer it of their own free will. If they truly love me, if they are my true friends, I shouldn’t have to ask. Right?

Well, that’s not how it goes. Just because I am in tune with others’ emotions, because I am empathetic – affected by the emotions around me – doesn’t mean everyone else is. Most everyone else. So, I need to learn to ask for help when I need it. Not be afraid I’m dumping on them, not be afraid that they will see me as weak, not be afraid of being a burden. Because most people can’t see the need just by looking at someone, especially when that someone is quiet, doesn’t share their life’s trials and tribulations with the world, or hang laundry out for everyone to see.

I’ve always hated drama, even when drama was all the rage in high school. Hated it. So I didn’t participate. Drama is negative. Even before I learned psychology began to evaluate my friends and way of thinking, I knew I didn’t want to be around drama or negative. I wrote about having an epiphany about the company I kept back in 1999. But really, it’s been longer than that now that I go back further. I just never set a name to it. Now, I am vowing to change my thought process and change what voice is heard loudest. I can’t “evict” the negative voice. It will always be there. But I can sure try to drown it out! I started this journey last year. It will probably be a never-ending journey where there may be bumps and bruises along the way but I will do my best to keep the path straight on to positive so when I look back, I can smile and show off the deep smile lines I’ve earned.

Last year saw a year of healing for me. Like I said, I started that journey, taking care of myself physically, going to doctors I’ve neglected for years, and trying to just get out of the funk. I took all the knowledge I had gathered over the many courses and years and tried to apply them to my everyday life in order to combat the depression and anxiety. While sometimes it worked and got me through to the next day, it generally started all over again. I could no longer do this all on my own. I had to ask for help.

I’ve always found psychology fascinating. I almost majored in it when I was in college. Looking back, though, I am thankful I changed my major because in all honesty, I don’t know if I could deal with not being able to “fix” everyone. I’ve always been a perfectionist. If I couldn’t do something perfect the first time, I would avoid doing it ever again because of that failure. I’ve also had a need to control everything around me. It’s one reason why I dislike getting drunk (I’ve only been drunk once in my life, never again), or even having surgery. Both circumstances mean I lose control over myself, which causes me horrid anxiety. So, if I couldn’t control the outcome of being a therapist, I could only imagine my own mental state degrading.

In all actuality, though, that is exactly what I’ve become over the years. Not just for my friends, but my husband as well. Especially my husband. He has been my longest friend. He is my love and my life. It is my duty as a wife to keep him happy. And if I can’t do that, I’m a failure.

That was my thinking for the longest time.

Slowly, over the last year, I’ve become better at realizing it’s not my fault, there’s no fix, that just being here for him is enough. The problem I still face is squashing the negative self-talk. No matter what I do, or how I try to “trick” my brain, I always hear it. It screams sometimes. Not as much as it used to. But it’s still there. I thought I could evict it. I thought that by training my brain to see the positives in every situation, no matter how small, I could make the negative just go away.

They didn’t.

What was I doing wrong? None of the cognitive therapy techniques I’ve practiced over the years were working. The negative never went away. Sometimes, the anxiety would be so bad that I couldn’t even get my heartbeat to slow down with meditation and breath control exercises. I was starting to get scared.

Cue the vicious cycle.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the idiom – misery loves company. I’m here to tell you that this, indeed, is a fact. Not just because miserable people want to share, but because of the negative emotions feed on one another and keep their fires blazing. Anxiety feeds rumination. Rumination feeds depression. Depression feeds the negative. My thinking becomes so impaired that my problem-solving abilities are now replaced with irrational thinking. I didn’t really notice the irrational until I started communicating with my husband and understanding his PTSD brain.

Realizing your irrational thinking is one thing. But to recognize it and head it off at the pass is something completely different. Another idiom comes to mind – hindsight is 20/20. I started understanding that how I’ve acted towards his emotions has been irrational. I started trying to recognize those thoughts when they happened and stop them. This has been so very difficult to do. I’ve done everything I can that I know of, so I thought it was time to ask for help from someone who is trained.

This year, I started seeing a therapist. I’ve had one session already and the thing that most stuck out in my mind throughout our conversation is that I ruminate.

The word ruminate has its origins in Latin, and means, basically, chewing cud. We most often hear this phrase associated with cows, deer, goats, and sheep (among others). We do sometimes give it to a person; but only lightly. When a problem arises, one can say, “let me chew on that for a while.” This is not a ruminator. A true ruminator, like me, will take a situation or a problem rather than react immediately, we will mull on it, over and over, until we need it again. When we finally spit it out (bring it up again) we may have a little forward movement on the whole thing, but generally, it makes things worse. Our mulling, our problem-solving, has been squashed by our low confidence. We fall down that depressive rut of a rabbit hole and chew our cud some more.

I tend to look at the big picture, which overwhelms me. If I continue to do this, I will only see the negative. Because the mountain blocks the little flower the blooms. I can’t move that mountain if I try to pick up the whole thing. I must focus on that tiny speck of beauty, the positive, and learn to take that mountain on with one pebble at a time. (It’s why I chose the tiny Viola peaking through the dead grass near the concrete as the image for my mantra.)


Yes, it’s only been one session so far. Yes, I’m learning official names to what I am and already knew. Yes, I understand a lot of what the therapist tells me. I am going to learn a new way to distract myself from the rumination. If I can distract myself, I should be able to focus on more positive aspects of my life and become more self-confident.

Here’s the article my therapist gave me to read for homework. Probing the depression-rumination cycle. It is what inspired this post. If you are a woman and a caregiver, like I am, chances are you are a ruminator, too. If this sounds like you, stick with me and I will keep posting any tips I can that I’ve learned during my therapy sessions. Any questions, please let me know and I will try to address them. If I can’t I will find a way. Please don’t be scared to talk to me. It is on the pillars that the building gains its strength.


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Happy 2015! A New Year, A New Topic! #CelebrateTheSmallThings

Happy New Year! 2015

Happy New Year! I pray that it will be a better, more positive year full of love and kindness and happiness for everyone. I wish for everyone to be able to be more positive, smile more, laugh deeper, and love greater. Remember, be you! You are beautiful! And you are enough!

Last year was the year of healing me. While I will continue to work on this throughout the rest of my life, I plan on continuing writing about the struggles that I go through as a caregiver to hopefully help someone in need. I also plan on continuing seeking out the positives in every situation no matter how small.

Find the positive, in any situation, no matter how small.

Find the positive, in any situation, no matter how small.

I first came up with this saying almost three years ago during the blog-o-sphere’s April A to Z blogging challenge. I’ve tried to share positives everywhere I go and with whomever needs it. I learned to remove negativity from my life when TheHubs was deployed to Albania/Kosovo in 1999.  It wasn’t until midway through last year that I realized I needed to remove my inner negative in order to continue on this positive path. I found the Operation Beautiful campaign, and a few more with the same “love yourself” mentality, and decided to started leaving my own post-it notes around in public places to help give strangers a smile. It filled my heart with love to write and leave the post-its around for people to find. Whether they found it helpful or not, I will never know. But in my heart, I know I did the right thing and someday someone somewhere will NEED this and if I don’t do it, they may never know that they matter! That would be one life I couldn’t have affected.

In doing this, I am now trying to thank everyone who has affected my life in some way, someone who has touched my heart and made me smile. With my first post of this new year, I am introducing a new series called Celebrate The Small Things. This is a blog hop where bloggers will band together to find something to celebrate each week. There aren’t many rules.

1. Sign up on the linky
2. Post celebrations in your blog each Friday. This doesn’t have to be every week but every month or so I will tidy the sign up list and if you haven’t posted since my last tidy up, I’ll likely remove you.
3. Hop around and celebrate with others. This doesn’t have to be the entire list, but if you could try to visit the 5 people before and after you that would be lovely.
4. Feel happy! 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit VikLit’s website. And if you have time, you can always visit the other blogger’s too.

Here’s my first Celebrate the Small Things post for 2015. It is a letter to John Legend thanking him for his song, All of Me. I wrote about this last year on my other blog, but didn’t quite understand the impact it would make, on both my husband or me. I would love to be able to give this to him so he knows exactly how it has touched our souls. But contacting a celebrity is oh so very hard. I hope one day he will be able to read this.

Dear Mr. John Legend,

I wanted to take the time to write you a letter regarding your song, All Of Me. I’m sure you’ve heard many a story about this song and how it is so incredibly perfect; but I’d like to share with you my story and how it has impacted my life.

The first time my husband heard your song, really listened to it, was right after he dropped our son off at the school bus stop. He told me he sat there, parked, with tears streaming down his face. When he told me this, it brought tears to my eyes.

Our story is much like a fairy tale, at least in the beginning, maybe even now but in a different from normal way. It’s not really love at first sight so much as two souls, destined to be together, finally finding one another and holding on. Five days after we met, he asked me to marry him. A month later we were married. December 22nd we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We’ve beaten so many odds, so many things that would have torn even the best couples apart, to get where we are today.

I’ve been paranoid since day one that he’d leave me. Because my father was in the Air Force and we moved around every four years, it’s been difficult to keep relationships – friendships and boyfriends. They either failed after a period of time or they disappeared into the wind. And because my upbringing has shaped my view of myself, I’ve always blamed myself for their failing. For me, it’s been hard to accept that he would be around so long. To this day I still have sad dreams where he leaves me. I never truly understood just how much he loves me.

My husband is also a disabled veteran who suffers chronic migraines, chronic neck pain, PTSD, and TBI. Before we had the diagnoses, before we had it managed, we didn’t know how to communicate. I think being a man is hard enough when our boys are raised not to show emotion. It’s a sign of weakness. But to be a soldier and to have emotional issues is a hundred times worse. They tell the soldiers to “Buck up. Charge on. Embrace the suck. Deal with it. Get over it.” But they never tell them how. They are left broken, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. So when all these emotions, all these fears, and nightmares manifested inside him, things didn’t go well in our house. It didn’t help not knowing what the problem was and all the medication and medication changes really messed up his brain chemistry, too. He never knew how to tell me what was going on in his mind. Most of the time it came out through anger – not at me; but I always managed to feel it was my fault. He never knew how to express himself without saying something wrong. So he kept it all bottled up inside him. Silence killed me. I always imagined the worst. But I loved him. That’s all I could do.

It wasn’t until he sought help that he started learning how to express himself and communicate. In his learning he began teaching me. That was about five years ago. He has opened up to me about what has happened. I doubt I will know everything. But it doesn’t matter. We are communicating and learning. It is a never-ending education. One in which we both must practice.

I think the last two years have been incredibly hard. There was a time my husband rationalized. Because he always feels he is a burden, because his depression has affected me and our son greatly, he felt that I’d be better off without him. He didn’t tell me this at first. I had no idea. We were going through another medication change and I just thought it was his body adjusting to it. I never saw any signs. He wore his mask well. He only told me about it after his epiphany and after he spoke to his doctor about it.

Honestly, it scared me. But I was grateful he didn’t follow through. Lord knows we have enough medication at his fingertips that it would have been so easy for him. But he didn’t. And for that I thank God.

I thought I buried it so I could move on and continue doing what I always did. However, it must have hidden in the darkest of shadows, poking at my subconscious, taunting me because by Christmas 2013, I had fallen into my own dark abyss with no light to guide me through. I thought I was alone, that no one would understand what I deal with on a daily basis. To look at my husband is to look at anyone. He’s even had someone remark in a snide way, “Well, you don’t look disabled.” You cannot imagine how deep this cut him. But he put on a smile, a mask, and said, “Thank you.” To this day, it still eats at him. As for me, when I have had to decline invitations to social gatherings, and explain that we cannot come because of my husband, potential friends’ eyes would glass over in complete incomprehension. After a while, we lost all our friends, and any potentially new ones would stop asking. We were alone. I was alone.

I’ve tried to live my life as positively as possible. I learned to surround myself with positive people and cut out the negatives during my husband’s Kosovo deployment in 1999. I’ve always wanted to help other people find their own positives when I was growing up and I’ve also tried to share that with people on my blog. However, it wasn’t until last year that I realized I need to cut out my inner negative in order to keep my positive life going. Three years ago I came up with the phrase, “Find the positives, no matter how small, in every situation.” I tried to hold on to that when I fell into my pit last year; but the demons screamed louder and blackened the light.

By the time I couldn’t stop crying, I knew I had to seek help. I researched and found a group of military/veteran caregivers and took a chance at their Caring for the Caregiver seminar. It was definitely and eye opener and set me on my path to recovery. My year of healing began January 2013 and will continue the rest of my life. Now, a year later, because I took the time to heal, I can now help my family again.

Being positive is one of the hardest things to do, especially in the face of hopelessness. To me, though, it is the only way to get through life. I love your positivity you exude in your work and your life. You truly are an inspiration. Your release of All of Me hit it big on my 45th birthday. I believe it was a message.

While you wrote that song for your wife, you’ve given my husband a voice to express his feelings for me. While I never truly comprehended the depth of his love, 25 years later, I am starting to understand. Every time your song plays, he tries so hard to sing along. He grabs my hand when I’m near, looks at me when I’m not so near. His eyes glisten and his lips tremble. Most times a single tear will fall. My heart is filled with so much love. I still don’t quite understand, but maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe I’m just supposed to accept that he loves me so deeply, that we were meant to be together until the end of time, that we are two halves of a single soul merged together forever.

Last week, my husband was sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to your song again and he cried. I hugged him and cried with him. And then he told me that he tried so hard, and for so long to memorize that song for me so he could sing it to me at our 25th anniversary dinner. His traumatic brain injuries and PTSD make it near impossible to commit things to memory anymore. It frustrates him to no end. But this, this just made him sad and angry. He just couldn’t remember the words. Not only that, he couldn’t get past the first verse before he started crying again.

Because we got married so quickly, because we didn’t know each other well when we did get married, and because the military has kept up hopping around since, we didn’t have a honeymoon let alone an “our song.” Now, 25 years later, with the greatest of thanks to you and the love you have for your wife, as well as your gift of poetry and song, All of Me is now our song.

From my heart to yours, thank you.


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